Mission statement 

The Society intends to act as an international forum of scientific exchange for all persons interested in pertinent issues on sturgeons while at the same time seeking opportunities for close co-operation at an international level.

The vision for this society is to see stocks thriving once again in important sturgeon waters in the basins of Caspian, Azov, Black, North and Baltic seas, rivers in Siberia and China as well as in North American waters. The Society through its activities enhances the understanding of species protection world-wide and across borders in regions with different cultural and political backgrounds (using the highly endangered sturgeons as case examples) in order to foster the sustainable use of natural resources that are traded globally. 


The objectives of the Society are:

- to foster the conservation of sturgeon species and restoration of sturgeon stocks world-wide

- to support the information exchange among all persons interested in sturgeons.

This particularly applies to the following subject areas:

   . general biology
   . species and habitat protection
   . stock enhancement
   . biological resource management
   . fisheries and fisheries-related issues
   . aquaculture
   . cultural and regulatory issues

- to promote information exchange with national, regional, international, inter-governmental organisations, educational institutions (e.g. university and scientific institutes) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

- to foster and support interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research on all aspects of sturgeons (e.g. biology, management and utilisation of sturgeons).

- to enhance the co-operation between and among anglers, fishermen, scientists, governmental agencies, local communities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international organisations.

- to inform the public on all aspects of the status and biology of sturgeons, requirements for their effective species protection, and needs for appropriate management. The tools to achieve this objective include the use of adequate and modern publications and means of communication as well as the organisation of international conferences.

The Society focuses exclusively and directly on non-profit goals. It acts selflessly and serves primarily non-profit-oriented purposes.