Caviar Giaveri

The Fish Farm Giaveri Rodolfo  was created in 1979 as an eel farm. Thanks to realization of an efficient system of modern aquaculture, with an advanced plant, it has become the leader in this field among the top European fish farms. For almost 30 years the focus of the farms eel production has been to satisfy traditional kitchen requests in the South of our Peninsula and Sardinia, while trade in the foreign market has been mainly in smoked eel. Furthermore, already in the early 80's, the breeding was diversified introducing alternative species as Carps, Tenches and especially the Sturgeon. At the beginning, bred for sport fishing and then for its meat, it became the new and real protagonist of Giaveri production. Sturgeon inspires a lot of interest for the high quality of its resulting caviar also covering a particular role for variety of exemplars of Acipenser which are present in the plant.