Tropenhaus Frutigen

The Tropenhaus Frutigen represents a new tourist attraction in the Bernese Oberland. 100 litres of mountain water flows out of the Lötschberg Base Railway Tunnel every second. This heat energy is put to good use in the Tropenhaus: Fish and plants that love a warm climate are cultivated in the extensive facility, which is open to the public, and the Tropenhaus has around 80 employees from the local area. The facility is run by the Tropenhaus Frutigen AG, with Hans Peter Schwarz as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Tropenhaus Frutigen is an attractive excursion destination for both individuals and groups. Visitors experience at first hand how the waste heat from the Lötschberg Base Tunnel is made use of: Exotic plants thrive in the Tropenhaus, while heat-loving fish swim about in the large basins. The food that is produced on-site comes fresh onto the tables of the operations own restaurants. The Tropenhaus is also a suitable location for events of all kinds, such as wedding receptions, company events or meetings. A wide range of tourist attractions are also available in the immediate vicinity.