ZwyerCaviar LLC

ZwyerCaviar LLC is an family owned enterprise, seated in the heart of Swiss alps. As an innovative company we are determined to succeed and differentiate ourselves in the highly competitive and growing luxury fine food market worldwide. We are socially and ecologically conscientious of everything we do. Our approach is led by sustainability. Caviar is about trust. ZwyerCaviar comes from a sustainable controlled and responsible aqua farming environment and meets the highest health and quality standards in the world. A high priority is given to the protection and conservation of the sturgeon species in the wild. The sturgeons of ZwyerCaviar live in an untouched natural reserve, far from civilization and pollution. ZwyerCaviar is a clima-neutral company and proud member of the World Sturgoen Conservation Society eV.

Apart from the corporate website there is a blog named Caviarist you may want to visit, which is a mix between a corporate (of ZwyerCaviar LLC) and a privat (Roger Zwyer) blog.