Biological and hydraulic basis of fish free passage in regulated rivers: achievements and failures

Russian Academy of Sciences, Biological Sciences, A.N.Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IPEE RAS)

Ministry of Natural Resources of the Krasnodar region


- International Workshop:

  - Biological and hydraulic basis of fish free passage in regulated rivers: achievements and failures.

  - 2013 September 16-21 Moscow – Krasnodar, Russia 


  - During the Workshop, experts and specialists on fish passage and protection from Russia (Inst. of Ecology&Evolution, Rus.Ac.Sci.; Moscow State University, Hydroproject, "Kubanbioresursy"; Inst. of Biology of Inland Waters, Rus.Ac.Sci.; Fed.St.Un.Ent. Caspian Fisheries Res. Inst.) and European research and consulting institutions from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, FAO will exchange knowledge and experience. Key topics and novel findings in the fields of biology and hydraulics underlying development and design of fish passes will be discussed. Approaches to development of fish passes for different fish species under progressing deterioration of riverine conditions will be considered. Most of the large rivers of Europe and European Russia are regulated. This factor together with shipping, anthropogenic pollution, drastic changes of the water level negatively influenced populations of commercial fish, sturgeons and salmonids in particular. These anadromous fishes have to migrate upstream to the spawning grounds located as far as many hundreds of kilometres. Development of methods and constructions ensuring free passage of migrating spawners through the dams as well as methods preventing mass kill of down-stream migrants are crucial tasks among measures of conservation and restoration of few existing populations. Efficiency of these measures depends on coordinated efforts of biologists, who study behaviour of migrants, and specialists in hydraulics, who provide optimal parametres of water flow facilitating fish migrations, as well as on efforts of specialists in fisheries, management and protection of fish resources.

The international workshop is supported by the Russian Foundation For Basic Research (project number 13-04-06083)


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