Riverine LIFE Platform Meetin

Riverine LIFE Platform Meeting:

Strengthening populations of   fish and other species through re-introduction, removal of barriers and habitats conservation

10th - 12th September 2014, Tartu, Estonia

This is one of a series of platform meetings intended to promote the exchange of experience and networking amongst LIFE beneficiaries, with other key stakeholders also invited. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together LIFE project beneficiaries, organisations and institutions from across Europe to discuss aspects of their projects which address riverine species and habitats conservation in relation to EU biodiversity policy. Given the potential wide range of the discussion the meeting will focus on the following: 

• Populations strengthening and re-introduction programmes 
• Migration barriers and fish passages 
• Local LIFE projects: case study of Aspius aspius and oxbow lakes 
• Who benefits from the conservation of riverine species and habitats?


WSCS will give two presentations:

1) Rearing fishes for re-introduction: preparing juveniles for fitness for survival in a harsh and highly competitive outside world. 

2) Overcoming river fragmentation: the need for harmonized and standardized procedures to operate and monitor fish passes in large (multinational) river systems (the case of sturgeons)