2014-2016 NASPS Executive Committee elections

The 2014-2016 NASPS Executive Committee elections have been completed.

The newly elected Board Members are the following:


Governing Board Executive Committee:

Past President - Ron Bruch, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison, WI, USA, Ronald.Bruch@wisconsin.gov

President - Molly Webb, USFWS, Bozeman Fish Technology Center, Bozeman, MT, USA, Molly_Webb@fws.gov

Vice President - James Crossman, BC Hydro, Castlegar, BC, Canada, James.Crossman@bchydro.com

Treasurer - Andrea Schreier, University of California, Davis, CA, USA, amdrauch@ucdavis.edu

Secretary - Larry Hildebrand, Golder Associates, Castlegar, BC Canada, Larry_Hildebrand@golder.com


Governing Board Members At Large:

Peter Allen, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS, USA, Peter.Allen@msstate.edu

Nancy Auer, Michigan Technological University,Houghton, MI, USA, naauer@mtu.edu

Stephania Bolden, NOAA Fisheries, St.Petersburg, FL, USA, Stephania.Bolden@noaa.gov

Dewayne Fox, Associate Professor Delaware State University, Dover, DE, USA, dfox@desu.edu

Ryan Koenigs, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Oshkosh, WI, USA, Ryan.Koenigs@wisconsin.gov

Mike Parsley, Retired, Cook, WA, USA, fishbios@gorge.net

Tim Haxton will assume the role of WSCS Liaison.