Female Beluga saved from poachers and tagged in Bulgaria

Saving 200 pounds beluga from poachers (PICTURES AND VIDEO)
Inspectors from the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture (NAFA) seized today poachers who took out 200-kg beluga from the water in the Silistra region.

The fish is alive and released back into the waters of the Danube, and the case is being searched, the agency said.
The NAFA recalled that the prohibition of fishing in the Danube and Black Sea waters of sturgeon fish (Russian sturgeon, cypress, purastroga and moruna), enacted by an order of the Ministers of the Environment and of Agriculture and Food in 2016.
In the yesterday's inspections on the Danube River, a poacher is also caught when fishing with nets in the Studena River, in the land of the village of Novgrad. An act of the violation has been drawn up, 1 net is seized and 3 pikes, 2 mullets, 3 beluga and 1 common nase are returned to the water.


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