Sturgeon Industry alliance in China

Sturgeon industry alliance of China was established


Sturgeon industry alliance of China was formally established in the annual meeting of sturgeon committee which was held in Yuxi city, Hunan Province of China on May 6, 2015. Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech Co.,LTD, Beijing Bio-tech Co.,LTD, Yunan Amur Sturgeon Group Company and Sichuan Runzhao Fishery Co.,LTD signed on the “Agreement of Sturgeon Industry Alliance of China” as the originator of the alliance. The alliance inauguration of was witnessed by the government officials from administrative department of China.

Sturgeon industry has become a strategic emerging industry of agriculture in China. To achieve the rapid and sustainable development of sturgeon industry of China, on the basis of the “Regulations of Sturgeon Committee”, “Self-Discipline Conventions of Sturgeon Committee” and “Regulations for Sturgeon Industry Alliance Of China”, sturgeon enterprises with independent legal qualification (as the originator of the alliance) drafted, passed and signed the agreement by friendly negotiation to establish the alliance and regulate the business behaviors of alliance members.