China - training course

A training course on sturgeon aquaculture and conservation was organized in Wuhan, Hubei, China

In order to strengthen the conservation and management of sturgeons, and more specifically

a)        promote the development of a sound and sold self-discipline of the sturgeon aquaculture industry,

b)        ensure the formulation of a rational sturgeon conservation and utilization strategy, as well as

c)         promote the healthy and sustainable development of the sturgeon culture industry,

the “National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association” of China, entrusted by Fishery and Fishery Administration Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture, organized a training course on sturgeon aquaculture and conservation in Wuhan, Hubei, China., The workshop was held from April 27 to 28.

About 50 participants came from the administrative departments of fishery of different provinces, from the management agencies of sturgeon reserves, from relevant scientific research institutions, and from sturgeon enterprises. Furthermore, the sturgeon committee of China attended the training course.

The content of the training course focussed on specific conservation issues but also on aquaculture technology of sturgeons,. Additionally, various aspects were addressed in line with the global situation of sturgeons and various conservation strategies, while common disease problems in sturgeon aquaculture and their control were also discussed. ,