Election 2015 of the WSCS Board meeting completed


For the last three months , WSCS members had the opportunity to cast their vote on the election of the Board of Directors of WSCS fort he period 2015 -2019. The list of candidates and their CVs had been provided by circular letter to WSCS members and also had been posted on the website.

The ballots trickled in to the home office at an increasing rate the closer the deadline for the Board meeting came.

During the 2015 Board meeting in Neu Wulmstorf (Germany) on May 10th,  the President asked  Dr. Paolo Bronzi, Dr. Thomas Friedrich and Prof. WeiQiwei  to become a member of a Election Committee to open and count the ballots .

As a results, several Board members were re-elected while two new members will serve the membership during the next few years:. 

President:  Harald Rosenthal  (re-elected)

Vice-President: Paolo Bronzi (re-elected)

Treasurer: Joern Gessner (re-elected)

Secretary General: Molly Webb (new board member)

Members at large:

Mikhail Chebanov (re-elected)

Qiwei Wei (re-elected)

Leonardo Congiu (New board member).


The president introduced the new board to the attending membership of the General Assembly 2015, which was held on the 12th of May in the City Hall of Neu Wulmstorf. He welcomed the new Board members, looking forward to a fruitful cooperation to serve our members effectively but , foremost, work together toward our common goal: to save the sturgeons.


The President thanked the outgoing board members for their continued support.

He also assured that past Board members and Foundation members of the Society are always welcome to participate in upcoming Board meetings as we need not only continued support but also the wisdom of the „Oldies“ who had helped to bring the Society to the level of performance of today. Further, he noted that the Board will be particularly pleased to have past Board members in an active role as they represent regions which are otherwise not well represented in the Society. This holds in particular for Prof. Pourkazemi. The Board agreed to this suggestion.

Furthermore, the President thanked those candidates who were not elected for their interest and support. He also suggested to the Board to invite Dr. Thomas Friedrich as a permanent Guest to the Board  for the entire election period as Dr. Friedrich represents the host organisations for the 8th International Symposium on Sturgeons (ISS 8) which will take place in Vienna in 2017. Usually, the proceedings will be ready for publication a year after so that Dr. Friedrich can effectively participate in all activities prior to, during and after the ISS 8 event.


More reports on the outcome of the 2015 WSCS Board meeting and General Assembly will be posted shortly.