International Sturgeon Producers at ISS8

Inaugural Meeting of International Sturgeon Producers at ISS8

During ISS8, a meeting of sturgeon producers was proposed and held to discuss the possibility of creating an international association. Approximately 40 people attended the meeting.

It was generally agreed that an association should be created. It was agreed that the association should only include producers of farmed sturgeon. It should not include producers of caviar from wild fish or others that are part of the value chain such as repackagers, distributors or retailers that do not farm sturgeon.

The main purpose of the new association should be to increase the global demand for sturgeon and caviar. Some of the ways in which this could be done would be through building awareness through education and marketing. The mandate of the association would also include working towards the elimination of illegal and unsustainable wild caviar. Another possible function of the association that may be explored could be to develop quality parameters around caviar production.

A name for the group has not yet been agreed upon.

A committee was developed that is in charge of creating the framework for an association by March 2018. The committee will:

• Refine the scope of membership

• Determine the organizational structure

• Write a mission statement and outline the main activities of the association

• Create a framework to elect a board of directors

• Evaluate possible financing options for the organization

The committee presently consists of 9 people. If you are interested in volunteering time towards this organization, please contact Justin Henry at