Ryszard Kolman left us

Ryszard Kolman, Professor of Fisheries at Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn, Poland, has passed away at the age of 70 years after a period of illness. 

Ryszard Kolman was born on August 11, 1947 in Olsztyn, Poland. He graduated from the Commercial Fishery Faculty of the Kaliningrad State Technical University in 1971. After which graduation, his main interest was in the field of the artificially reproduction of coregonids. He obtained his PhD in fisheries from the Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn in 1981. In 1983, he moved to the Institute`s Experimental Field Station „Dgał” in Pieczarkiwhich he started to render into a modern RAS research system. After his habilitation in 1993, his attention turned to sturgeon. Professor Kolman is considered one of the founding fathers of sturgeon breeding and rearing in Poland. He has led and collaborated on numerous sturgeon research endeavors and played an invaluable role in breeding efforts for the species in commercial farming. He was active in the joint recovery attempts of the Baltic sturgeon and contributed significantly to the conservation attempts in Poland as well as interlinking and supporting the activities in Lithuania and Kaliningrad. As a scientist Ryszard Kolman was active to the end of his life.

Ryszard Kolman was authoring many outstanding scientific publications as well as organizing and chairing numerous meetings and conferences. Being convinced that international collaboration is the key to joint success he was one of the most active members of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Central and Eastern Europe (NACEE),  member and advisor for Sturgeon Culture Group,  as well as an active member of the Polish-Russian commission for Fisheries Management. . 

For many years he was the Head of the Department of the Ichthyology in Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn. His achievements have brought him numerous honours and awards. 

Professor Ryszard Kolman taught and inspired many young people with his profound knowledge, and warm personality. Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family during this difficult time.