News from NASPS

Here are some updates on North American sturgeons from NASPS:


Lake Sturgeon

On October 21st, more than 3,000 lake sturgeon were released into the French Broad River near Hot Springs, North Carolina...

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White Sturgeon
A 9 year old boy captured the attention of North American news outlets when video surfaced of him reeling in an ~600 pound adult White Sturgeon from the Fraser River.
A high number of White Sturgeon mortalities were found on the Columbia River this July, prompting sturgeon angling closures during an abnormally warm summer. The angling moratorium has now been lifted. Details can be found in the links below:
A story discussing monitoring that is ongoing in the lower Columbia River to describe the reproductive ecology of White Sturgeon.
Pallid Sturgeon
An article discussing the implications of a new concrete dam on Pallid Sturgeon in
Gulf Sturgeon
Tracking injuries as a result of jumping Gulf Sturgeon on the Suwannee River,