Regional Workshop on the Turkish Action Plan for Rehabilitation of Near Extinct Sturgeons

The two day Workshop was held in Trabzon, Turkey October 19th and 20th, 2011 with some 50 participants from Turkish administration and research institutions as well as delegates from Georgia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine as well as a representative from the Black Sea Commission. During this third and last meeting on the subject in 2011, Turkey was finalizing its National Sturgeon Action Plan on sturgeon conservation. The Action Plan development was supported as part of a joint TCP project by the regional office of FAO (Ankara) with active input of WSCS.

This final Action Plan meeting also served as an opportunity to bring the Black Sea range states together in an attempt to discuss the Turkish Plans on conservation of sturgeons as well as to reach consensus on a basin-wide coordination of efforts as well as seeking opportunities for active cooperation.

It is planned that the final version of the Action Plan will become available at the end of this year.