Important Notice on upcoming conferences

Important Notice on upcoming conferences


Currently, two different events for people interested in sturgeon are coming up. Unfortunately, both have very similar names.

In continuation of the series started in 1989 in Bordeaux, the eight International Symposium on Sturgeons (ISS8) bringing together the global sturgeon expertise is taking place September 11th – 17th 2017, in Vienna, Austria. The WSCS organized returns to Europe, focusing on the past and present measures to stop the global decline of the sturgeon populations under the title:  “150 years of decline – how to turn the trend?” The symposium will cover the full width of sturgeon biology, management and utilization with sessions focusing on biology, ecology, population and fisheries management, habitat restoration, cultural heritage, and aquaculture.

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In addititon, the International Conference on Sturgeon, now a biannual event for the sturgeon aquaculture industry, carried out by Aller Aqua PL is to be held in Warsaw, Poland by November 23rd this year. The conference is supported by WSCS as an important regional exchange base. Unfortunately, the conference also has its 8th meeting coming up, which creates some confusion upon sturgeon enthusiasts. For details on the program and for registration see:


So with the news on both conferences pouring in, make sure not to mix them up!