World Fish Migration Day - April 21, 2018

Dear colleague,


Hereby I invite you to join the next World Fish Migration Day on April 21, 2018.  We hope that you like our new Happy Fish cartoon and that it will inspire you to host an unique event to connect fish, rivers and people. Over 2000 organizations, from New Zealand to Hawaii, will be involved in this third edition of WFMD. We hope to create big impact on the wellbeing of migratory fish from local to global. We are looking forward to see lots of Happy Fish around the world. Events can be registered at An event can be from small to big: 


-a visit to a dam/weir removal, 

-family activities in a museum/park/river/zoo/aquaria, 

-inauguration or visit of a fishway, 

-excursion to a river restoration project, 

-special trainings/workshops, 

-research center activities in the field, 

-special school programs involving students/families, 

-kayaking a river, 

-movie/documentary screening, 

-fishing day in a river, 

-rivers clean-up, 

-boat or canoe race, 

-running with obstacles (2Km, 5Km…), 

-theater plays in a school, etc. 


Many thanks for your ongoing support for fish passage and wonderful work on migratory fishes and rivers. Don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any questions.


You can contact: Pao Fernandez:   


kind regards/met vriendelijke groet,


Herman Wanningen



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