Kaviar: Ein Luxusartikel und seine Alternativen

Klinkhardt, M. 2006

Kaviar: Ein Luxusartikel und seine Alternativen (1st Ed.)

Caviar: a luxury item and its alternatives

Hamburger Fachpresse Verlag: Hamburg, Germany. 43 pp.

ISBN 3-93024-02-3 [In German]

This book explains briefly the present trend in global caviar trade and describes the rapid changes in markets. The traditional mode of production of caviar products is described and because of the increasing shortage and dwindling resources of Caspian sturgeon caviar, the development in caviar harvesting and marketing of other sturgeon species and increasing production from aquaculture sources is described. An interesting chapter deals with the growing trend to involve other fish species in caviar production not only from salmon, trout, lumpsucker but from many more marine fish and invertebrate species which aggressively entert he market. Even artificial caviar and vegetarian caviar are now increasingly produced and offert on the market. Even herring roe is now offered in Asia with phantasy-names such as AVRUGA and MOLUGA while new products are also offered from cod, capelin and Alaska pollack under various tradenames such as MASAGO and LOBSVIAR (from lobsters). Sea-urchin roe also has entered the market. From herring alone the annual production of salted roe from herring amounted to 21,000 tonnes. A Spanish producer offers now the so-called MUJJOL-Caviar - a mix of eggs from salmon, hering and mullet. Recently, artificial caviar (or imitation of caviar) are increasing on the market in volume and diversity of products, including vegetarian caviar using sources such as macro-algae, seagrass and soybeans. Unfortunately, the small book is written in German.