The Sturgeons and Paddlefishes of the World - Biology and Aquaculture.

Hochleithner, M. and Gessner, J. 2012.
The Sturgeons and Paddlefishes of the World - Biology and Aquaculture.
3rd revised and expanded edition. AquaTech Publications, Austria. 248 pp. ISBN 978-1470086077.

The breeding and culture of sturgeons in captivity has advanced rapidly over the past several years. With recent developments, the requirements of the industry have changed, and the techniques used have also evolved and been adapted to meet these changing needs. The book is structured into four sections, comprising:

- An introduction, gross morphology, general ecology, systematics of sturgeons, and the sturgeon hybrids, as well as a revised key to the species.
- A species section, with details of all known species worldwide including their description, their distribution, their ecology, and their economy.
- An aquaculture section including the different methods of management, handling, propagation, incubation, feeding, management and ongrowing strategies in tanks, pond and cages. As well as an overview on fisheries techniques, stock management, product processing.
- An annex, including sturgeon egg and larval development, parasites and prey organisms as well as international names and synonyms for the species.

The book summarizes current knowledge on all sturgeon and paddlefish species worldwide and presents it as a practitioner-oriented working guide. The new, third edition has been updated, extended, and revised. 

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