Life history and behaviour of Connecticut River Shortnose and other sturgeons

Kynard, B., Bronzi, P., Rosenthal, H. (Eds.). 2012.
Life history and behaviour of Connecticut River Shortnose and other sturgeons.
World Sturgeon Conservation Society Special Publication, No. 4. 320 pp. ISBN 978-3-8448-2801-6. Books on Demand, Norderstedt, Germany.

The book comprises 12 chapters by Boyd Kynard and several of his co-workers. The book addresses the seasonal movements within the river, describes the population structure of shortnose sturgeon in the Connecticut, and the effects of the segregation of the population through Holyoke Dam. It addresses the morphological peculiarities of the Connecticut shortnose sturgeon, its life time migrations, the current situation of the reproductive performance of the population under river regulation conditions, identifies the diurnal cycles and wintering behaviour of the fish. In a second set of papers, the book covers the results of the development of artificial spawning sites, downstream movements of juvenile pallid, lake, green and shortnose sturgeon, as well as the winter temperature selection of pallid, lake, green and Gulf sturgeon. As a finishing touch, the book reflects the results of investigations on passage and behaviour of shortnose sturgeon in an experimental fish ladder, and summarizes the long-term telemetry data on shortnose sturgeon movements in the Connecticut River.


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