Anadromous sturgeons: habitats, threats, and management

Munroe, J. (Ed)., Hatin, D., Hightower, J.E., McKown, K., Sulak, K.J., Kahnie, A.W., Caron, F. (Co-Eds). 2007.
Anadromous sturgeons: habitats, threats, and management.
American Fisheries Society Symposium 56. Bethesda, Maryland, USA. XIV, 415 pp. ISBN 978-1-888569-91-9.

This book contains the proceedings of a Symposium held in Quebec City in August 2003 in conjunction with the 2003 Annual meeting of the Amrican Fisheries Society (AFS). The 2003 AFS theme „worldwide decline of wild fish populations“ echoed strongly with the sturgeon family whose species members are nearly all threatened. Because of their status, sturgeons have been the focus of a broad scientific interest that led to the publication of several proceedings. The Symposium „Anadromous Sturgeon“ was the rsult of two complementary initiatives. For one part, it was intended to provide a comparative background for a study of sediment impacts on the habitat of early juvenile Atlantic sturgeon. For another part, it aimed at sensing the state of the US Atlantic coast Atlantic stugeon populations, following a 5-year closure of the fishery. In application it was found that a larger number of studies presented at the symposium were related to hab itat and threats to habitats, while the population and management aspects were less largely covered.


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