Sturgeon fishes (Acipenseriformes): Science as Art

Vecsei, P., Hochleithner, M. 2012. Sturgeon fishes (Acipenseriformes): Science as Art.

 AquaTech Publications,(Printed by Books on Demand, Germany. 120 pp. (ISBN 978-3-902855-08-4)

This is a book presenting an artists view on the species-specific features of all known sturgeon species, using the same drawing techninque. While the artist is at the same time a biologist, the pictures are of particular value, highlighting specific species characteristics by a fairly standardized  techniques and thus conveying these to the reader in a very simple and attractive manner.  At the end, the overall meristics and morphometrics of all illustrated species are given, together with a table on valid scientific names, synonyms as well as common names in five languages.